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  • Villages of Mount Pelister (particularly Capari, Gjavato and Trnovo-Magarevo)

  • Villages in the Golo Brdo region of today's Albania (particularly Sebisht, Klenje, Steblevo and Gjinovec)

  • Diaspora to Australia and USA

  • Historical events and cultural practices

  • DNA and demographic mix of the Macedonian people


  • Towns in and around the area of Lamezia Terme (particularly Sambiase, Nicastro and Feroleto Antico)

  • Towns in the north of the province of Vibo Valentia (particularly Vallelonga, Capistrano, Nicastrello, Monterosso Calabro, Pizzo Calabro and Francavilla Angitola)

  • Towns in the Mesima Valley (particularly Dasà and Dinami)

  • Scognamiglio and Tarallo families from Barra, Naples

  • Sterio family from Messina, Sicily

  • Diaspora to Australia, USA, Argentina, Brazil and beyond

  • Historical events and cultural practices

  • Remnants of ancient Greek, Arbereshe and Jewish culture in Calabria

  • DNA of the Calabrian people

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